Carnival in Rijeka

RijeckiLong and famous tradition in almost the whole area of Kvarner, every year before Lent (January and February), reviving the traditions of exceptional experience.

The highlight of Carnival events are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, when almost every place echoes the sounds of bells, accordion, song and dance. All these events led to the creation of a recognizable tourist product – is one of the largest and most prominent European carnival Rijeka Carnival, the ten-day Carnival events for all ages.

Therefore not surprising that every year the number of participants of the carnival increasing – more than 8,000 masks and over 150,000 spectators and visitors from all the world.
rijecki karneval3



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  1. Mehai #

    wow ! sounds great. I want to visit the coast and Rjeka. Where can I stay, do you know of a really nice Hotel or Bed and Breakfast to stay at ? Thanks- You have been busy here it seems.

  2. admin #

    Hi Mehai, I’m glade that you like Croatia, I will send you e-mail with information about everything.

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