Nightlife is Croatia is great! Beer is cheap, DJs spin the best music, music ranges from rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, electronic, everybody can found something  that they will liked!

In winter time, best places to go out are biggest cites in Croatia- Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Zadar.

When summer come all action moves to coast. Summer nightlife are the best on the island of Pag and Hvar, but every where on coast in summer time you can found some fun places to go out!

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  1. Mehai #

    My favorite party place is Croatia !
    The Croatian people are full of high spirit and they are so friendly. Zagreb to Split and all around there are so many places to have a good time and meet new people. We stayed at Hotel BRZET in Split and had a blast visiting local area party spots. Worth the trip from anywhere !

  2. Hudson #

    really enjoyed the carnival, the people are friendly and like to have a fun time !

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