Croatian food

In Croatian food can be found a lot of  influence from Hungarian and Italian foods, like hearty meat stews and goulashes. The Adriatic coast is know for excellent fresh  seafood.

National specialties:

  • Janjetina (roast lamb) usual you can  see whole lamb roasting on a spit at roadside eateries.
  • Pršut i paški sir (air-dried ham and sheep’s cheese from the island of Pag)
  • Goulash, similar to the Hungarian version.
  •  Octopus salad, made from octopus, potato, onion, olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Croatian pepper cakes

National drinks:

  • Rakija (spirite), its a couple kind of Rakija: Slivovica (made from distilled plums) and Travarica (made from grapes and herbs)
  • Vino (wine), the best red wines are from south and the best white whines are from north parts of Croatia.
  • Pivo (beer) is very  popular drink in the country.
  • Kava (coffee)  drunk as Italian-style.

Legal drink age: 18




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  1. Hudson #

    My favorite food in the world is Croatian, especially PIZZA !!!!
    My favorite place in the world is CROATIA !!!!!! The best place for all nite summertime party vacation !!!! BOOM – BOOM – BOOM !!! :)

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