Why vacation in Croatia?

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Have You Heard About Croatia ?

 If the answer is NO, you should start now -  learning about the “Beauty Queen of Mediterranean” !

Croatia is  a country of exceptional natural beauty possessing a rich heritage. Croatia’s history can be appreciated by anyone who has attempted  to explore  the abundance of its exceptional diversity. Situated in Southern Central Europe, Croatia is a roughly horseshoe-shaped country with a coastline 1,777  kilometres long. Croatia’s stunning coastline is on the Adriatic Sea, one of the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean and wonderfully warm. Croatia is indeed unique, not only for its crystal clear, clean blue sea, but also for a thousand years of different cultures that have replaced each other and sometimes assimilated in these areas. Croatia is near the centre of large empires from the past, and many visitors will be surprised by the number of cultural heritage sites under UNESCO protection in relation to the country’s relatively small area. In Croatia you can visit a lot of museums and galleries, attend many festivals and a wide palette of events: music,  folklore, carnival.  In other words, there are cultural events to suit every taste, so let’s go and enjoy them !

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In Croatia your vacation will be an adventure full of passion !


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